Valued Customers,
Recently toll bills with an Original Bill Date between 11/23/18 and 11/26/18 were mailed out with inaccurate due dates printed on the bills ranging from 12/23/18 through 12/26/18. The correct due date for those notices is 1/18/19. An additional 30 day grace period has been applied to these bills. Therefore no late fees will be assessed until 2/18/19. We apologize for the error. We value your time and appreciate your patience.

Beginning in late November, NETRMA will have a new Pay by Mail provider. Cofiroute will handle billing for toll usage that occurs after the middle of November (this date may shift). Depending on your frequency of toll usage, you may receive bills from both MSB and Cofiroute for a few months. Please make sure to use the remittance slips included with your bill to ensure your payment gets to the correct vendor and double check any bill pay banking instructions. You may visit Cofiroute’s new Pay by Mail website at for more information beginning November 28.

Payments In Person

In-person payment options are available through CheckFreePay. Please use the link below to view a list of available retailers by clicking on the “CheckFreePay” button on the site. Please bring the tear-off coupon for in-person payments. Please note fees range from $1.50 to $3.00, depending on the agent location assessments.



* This does not constitute a comprehensive list of available retail entities

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